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Talking Dictionary359. Your Questions Annoy Me (1)


359. It was 8 a.m. It was the first day of training. The trainer, Earl, introduced himself to everyone. Will thought Earl seemed nice enough, at first. As time passed, however, Will's opinion changed. Earl did not like many of Will's questions. He said Will's questions were too negative. Will said his questions were realistic, not negative. Will saw a change in Earl's responses to his questions. Earl would shake his head before answering. Earl would roll his eyes before answering. Earl would say, "I s‐a‐i‐d," loudly and slowly before answering. Earl would stare at Will silently for a few seconds before answering. Earl would answer sarcastically. One time Earl turned on his computer before answering. He typed and printed out the answer to Will's question. He silently handed the printed answer to Will. That did it for Will. He had had enough. Earl was not going to disrespect him again. 4.4


359. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.