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Talking Dictionary358. An Out‐Of‐Control Printer (3)


358. Jeff went online. He looked at $99 printers. Canon had a Pixma MX410. It was an All‐in‐One printer. He read the reviews. They were good. Plus, the Pixma was reduced to $79. That would save him $20. It was 9 p.m. Saturday. He had just spent five hours trying to fix two old printers and finding a new printer. Life was a lot simpler when all we had was typewriters, Jeff thought. Sunday afternoon he called the Staples on 35th Street. He asked if they had the MX410. They did. Jeff walked over to the store. The printer was big and heavy. It was also $99. "I thought it was reduced to $79," he told the worker. "It was," said the worker, "but all our sales end Saturday night." Jeff thought about going back online. Was the money he could save worth the extra time? He paid the extra $20. 3.0


358. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.