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Talking Dictionary357. An Out‐Of‐Control Printer (2)


357. Jeff decided to try an older printer that he owned. He hadn't used it in a couple of years. He dusted it off. He inserted the installation disk. The disk started spinning. The software failed to install. He tried again. It failed again. He called HP Support. Benjamin answered. Jeff described the problem. Benjamin said Jeff's printer was out of warranty. He said it was almost obsolete. He said tech support might be able to fix the problem for $59. He said Jeff should buy a new printer for only $99. Shipping was free. Jeff said thanks, but he'd think about it. He said goodbye. He called NYC's 311 number. Laura answered. He told her he had two dead printers. How could he dispose of them? She said, "Well, until 2015 you can just throw them into your regular trash. But take out the ink cartridges first." Jeff thanked her. 3.2


357. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.