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Talking Dictionary356. An Out‐Of‐Control Printer (1)


356. The printer was not even two years old. Suddenly it developed a mind of its own. On its own, the printer made six copies of nothing. On its own, the printer scanned a blank document. It was its own boss. Jeff was no longer in control. When Jeff clicked on Print, the printer did nothing. New technology is just new problems, Jeff thought unhappily. Jeff called the 800 number for HP. Brian answered the phone. Jeff described the problem. Brian said it was a hardware problem. He also said the printer was out of warranty. For $59.99, tech support might be able to fix the problem. But, there was no guarantee. He offered to ship Jeff a brand new printer for only $99. "Shipping is free," Brian said. Jeff didn't know if he wanted another HP printer. "Thanks, but let me think about it," he told Brian. Jeff said goodbye. 4.0


356. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.