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Talking Dictionary355. A New Laptop (5)


355. Bob went into his bedroom. He wanted to transfer some files on his old computer to a flash drive. Then he would unpack his new computer. He lifted the lid of his laptop. He pushed on the power button. The computer turned on instantly. What?, Bob wondered. He transferred the files. He turned off the computer. He looked at it suspiciously. He pushed the power button. Please don't turn on, he thought. The computer turned on instantly. Now what, he wondered. He could return the new computer. But if he returned it, he suspected that the power button would immediately stop working properly. Was the evil spirit testing him? He didn't return the new computer. I'll just use the old computer until I completely wear out the power button, he thought. Two months later, the power button was still working properly. The new computer still sat in its unopened box. 4.4


355. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.