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Talking Dictionary352. A New Laptop (2)


352. Bob went to another computer repair shop. The technician told him pretty much the same thing. Bob went to Office Stuff and to PaperClips. He saw an HP laptop that he liked. It was on sale at both stores. But it was cheaper at Office Stuff. He went back to Office Stuff. He told the salesman, Joe, which HP model he wanted to buy. Joe asked him if he wanted anti‐virus software or Microsoft Office with the laptop. Bob said no. He said he didn't have enough money to buy extra stuff. Joe asked if he wanted computer insurance. "If anything goes wrong within two years, we'll fix it free or give you an equal replacement. It's only $99," Joe said. Joe didn't mention that it was actually $99.99. He didn't mention that tax would make it $108.86. Bob thought about the extra money. Insurance might be a smart buy. 4.5


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