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Talking Dictionary351. A New Laptop (1)


351. Bob pushed the power button on his laptop computer. Nothing happened. What?, he wondered. He pushed it again. Nothing happened. He pushed the button again and again. Finally, after maybe 50 pushes, the button worked. The little blue light came on. A few minutes later, he was online. Everything was okay. Everything except the power button. The next day, he pushed the button again. Nothing happened. Finally, after about 50 pushes, the button worked. This went on for a week—50 to 60 pushes to turn the computer on. Finally, Bob visited a computer repair shop. He told the technician about the power button. Bob said that his computer was seven years old. The technician said it would cost $50 to $150 to repair the power button. "You should buy a new computer," he said. "Don't spend money on a seven‐year‐old computer. You never know what might go wrong next." 5.3


351. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.