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Talking Dictionary349. A Plain, Cold Blanket


349. Her seat was 28E. It was between an old man and a young man. Her flight was from LA to NYC. She hadn't slept much the night before. The sofa in her son's small apartment had been very uncomfortable. He had offered her his own bed, but she had refused. On the plane, she asked the flight attendant for another blanket. He said there were no more. The old man offered her his blanket. She thanked him. The young man's head had already disappeared under his blanket. The plane took off. Even covered with both blankets, she was freezing. When the plane finally landed, she held a blanket up to the light. She could see light through the blanket. These blankets are like tissue paper, she thought. She tried to tear the blanket. It tore easily. She tore both blankets into little pieces and left them on the airplane seat. 2.7


349. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.