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Talking Dictionary348. I Have A Better Man For You


348. Auntie was Betty's client. Betty invited Auntie over and made a Chinese dinner for her. Auntie loved it. She said, "This is the best Chinese meal I've ever eaten in Manhattan." She even asked to take all the leftovers home. During the meal, Betty had, regrettably, told Auntie that her boyfriend was unemployed and on Medicare. Auntie said, "Your boyfriend is old and poor? Why are you still with him? You're so young. I have the perfect man for you. He works in real estate just like you. He's very successful. And last but not least, he's your age!" Betty said she wasn't interested. Auntie ignored her, saying, "He's my son, of course. If you marry him, you can move into my house with us. I have a huge kitchen. You'll love it!" Auntie doesn't give up easily. She still calls Betty every few months. Betty never returns her calls. 3.4


348. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.