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Talking Dictionary347. Fine, But Not Dandy


347. He arrived at Bellevue Hospital. He went to the second floor—Primary Care for Adults. He told the clerk at 2C that he had a 2:20 appointment. He gave her his hospital card. "That'll be $20," she said. He paid her. She gave him a receipt. "Take this to 2D," she said. He gave the receipt to the clerk at 2D. He found a seat next to another elderly man. After reading two magazines, he heard his name called. He followed the young woman into a small room. She asked him to step on a scale. She recorded his weight. She asked him to sit down. She put a blood pressure cuff on his right arm. She started the machine. The cuff tightened, and then loosened. She took it off. She said, "125 over 85." He said, "That's fine, isn't it?" She said, "Yes, it's fine for someone your age." 2.3


347. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.