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Talking Dictionary345. Chew, Smack, Chew, Smack


345. Pat hadn't seen her sister Mary in a couple of years. Mary was visiting with her husband John and their son Jackie. He was five. They sat down for dinner. Pat couldn't help noticing that Jackie was a loud eater. He ate with his mouth open. He made smacking noises with every bite. After dinner, Pat took Jackie aside. She said, "Jackie, try to eat with your mouth closed. People don't like to see food in other people's mouths. People don't like to hear loud smacking sounds at the dinner table." Jackie nodded his head. The next morning, everyone gathered at the table for breakfast. Jackie ate half a buttered roll. "Am I doing okay, Aunt Pat? I'm keeping my mouth shut while I eat!" he said proudly. Pat rolled her eyes. "Yes, you're doing a good job," she said. Mary and John looked at her, but didn't say anything. 3.0


345. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.