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Talking Dictionary344. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


344. "Mirrors are destroying our nation's productivity," the dictator said in a nationwide broadcast. "Too many people are spending too much time looking in too many mirrors. Everybody wants to be on TV or in the movies, or look like somebody on TV or in the movies. Enough already! We all have jobs to do. We can't do our jobs if we're busy thinking about our looks. Looks aren't that important. Look at me. I look terrible. Do I care? No, because I'm too busy running this country. If I spent hours a day looking at myself in the mirror, our country would go to pot. So tomorrow I'm destroying all the mirrors." The people balked. His wife said, "Can you blame them? How can people, especially your own wife and children, live without mirrors?" He said, "Okay, you're right. Instead, tomorrow I'm destroying all the TVs and movie theaters." 4.9


344. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.