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Talking Dictionary343. I Used To Heart NY


343. The governor of New York approved a change. "The 'I Heart NY' logo is getting a little tired," he said. "We need to energize it. We need some new logos to get tourists to visit more of our state. New York is a lot more than just New York City. Besides, everyone's copying our logo. You can't go to another city, state, or country without seeing 'I Heart Blahblahblah.'" The designer of the original logo, which first appeared in 1977, was perplexed. "What's wrong with my heart? Now it's chopped liver?" he asked. The new logos emphasize various features of New York State. They include a waterfall and a wine bottle. The waterfall represents Niagara Falls. The wine bottle represents Finger Lakes. "This isn't going to work," said Ryan. "Nobody is going to say, 'I waterfall NY' or 'I wine bottle NY.' That's not catchy. It doesn't even make sense." 4.6


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