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Talking Dictionary342. The Invisible Man


342. He Googled "formulas to make me invisible." He found a formula that used common ingredients. He boiled them. He drank the broth. He waited. He checked the mirror. He could still see himself. He found another formula online. It didn't work either. He combined the ingredients from both formulas. He boiled them and drank the broth. He waited. He felt something. He looked in the mirror. He couldn't see his head. Well, this is better than nothing, he thought. He walked out to his car. He drove into town. People in other cars pointed at his shoulders and stared. He parked his car outside Starbucks. He walked inside. Somebody screamed. Somebody fainted. Somebody ran. He got in line. People got used to looking at him. A kid walked up and asked, "What happened to you?" He said, "I wanted to be the Invisible Man, but I'm just the Invisible Head." 2.9


342. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.