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Talking Dictionary341. Underarm Odor


341. He walked to Battery Park and back. When he got home, he took off his T‐shirt. Phew! he thought. His armpits didn't use to smell that bad after a long walk. Is this the aging process, he wondered. He wiped his armpits with alcohol wipes. The odor disappeared. He went to the drugstore. He bought a different brand of deodorant. The next day, he rolled on the new deodorant. He took another walk. When he got home, he took off his T‐shirt. He couldn't smell anything. Good, he thought. The deodorant worked. He took a shower. He tried to wash his armpits. He couldn't do it. All his armpit hairs were matted together. He finished his shower. He looked in the mirror. A white paste covered his armpits. He grabbed some alcohol wipes. He scrubbed his armpits hard. After a while, they were no longer white. They were bright red. 2.0


341. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.