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Talking Dictionary340. A Stranger In The Elevator


340. They got into the elevator. Fred pushed the 12 button. A middle‐aged woman rushed in. She pushed the 11 button. Her hair looked dirty. She was wearing a faded dress, socks, and shoes. One sock was white. The other was red. At least her shoes match, thought Marcia. "I've never seen you two before. Do you live on the twelfth floor?" the woman asked. They nodded. "I have very loud neighbors above me," she continued. "They have heavy feet. I think he wears boots in the apartment. I think she wears high heels." She looked at Marcia's high heels. She asked, "What apartment do you live in?" Fred said, "12A." She asked, "Are you sure?" Fred nodded. She said, "I live in 11B. So it's not you. Unless you're lying. You'd better not be lying." The elevator door opened, and she got out. Fred and Marcia looked at each other. 1.6


340. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.