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Talking Dictionary339. Cleaner Men's Rooms In D.C.


339. A Washington, D.C. official said, "It's costing too much to clean men's rooms in our nation's capital. Pee is everywhere. It's all over the floors. It's all over the urinals. It's all over the toilets. It seems like it's everywhere except IN the urinals and toilets. Our men's rooms are unclean and unsafe. You can slip and fall. The odor can make you gag. We have to clean most men's rooms three times a day. We clean most women's rooms only once a day. We're proposing a new regulation. Men must sit down to pee. No more standing up. We'll replace the urinals with toilets and stalls. Our goal is for D.C. to have men's rooms that are pee‐free. Our goal is to have men's rooms in D.C. that residents can stand up and be proud of. Then everyone might stop comparing our men's rooms to New York subway stations." 3.5


339. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.