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Talking Dictionary334. A Marriage Problem


334. Maria was from Spain. Alex was from Cuba. They'd met in a Queens ESL class. They decided to get married. He invited her to meet his parents. They liked her. His mom, Carmen, asked if Maria was going to go to college. "Why would I go to college!" Maria asked. Carmen said, "So you can get a good job here in America." Maria said she was returning to Spain the following year. She had a good job waiting for her there. Plus, all her family lived there. Confused, Carmen asked, "How can you two be together if you're in Spain and Alex is here!" Maria said Alex was going to move to Spain with her. "Our son is going to leave us!" asked Carmen. Maria said yes. "But we'll come visit you every year," she promised. Alex was busy talking to his dad. Carmen said, "Alex, we need to talk?" 3.1


334. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.