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Talking Dictionary333. Golf Fan Wants A Homer


333. The golf tournament was on Long Island. Tiger Woods was competing with other professional golfers, including Phil Mickelson. It was Sunday, the day of the final round. Thousands of spectators were all over the golf course. TV cameras were everywhere. When Tiger swung, some spectators yelled, "In the hole!" When Phil swung, some spectators yelled, "You're the man!" Most spectators watched the golfers quietly, except to clap or cheer or groan. Some spectators yelled mean things. One spectator yelled, "Don't choke, Phil!" Another spectator yelled, "Hit it into the lake, Tiger!" One spectator sounded confused. He yelled, "Hit a home run!" over and over. A woman told him, "This is a golf tournament, you know, not a baseball game." He said, "I know. But I told my friends I'd be here. They're at home watching on TV. I told them I'd yell something stupid so they'd know it was me." 4.4


333. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.