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Talking Dictionary332. Don't Cough Into The Fridge


332. He had a bad cold. He was coughing up phlegm. He was blowing his nose constantly. The wastebaskets were full of used tissues. He was taking nose drops and cold tablets. They weren't helping much. The cold would have to run its course. It was breakfast time. He opened the refrigerator. He started coughing. He couldn't stop. His wife came running. She saw him coughing. She saw the open refrigerator. "Close the door!" she yelled. He closed the door. He kept coughing. She waited till he stopped. "What's the matter with you?" she asked. "All your germs are going into the fridge! You're infecting all the food!" He said, "The food? What about me? Aren't you worried about me?" She said, "Why would I be worried about you? All you have is a cold. I heard you coughing. I suspected you were coughing on our food, and I was right!" 1.7


332. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.