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Talking Dictionary331. A Trip To Intrepid Museum


331. He took his son to the Intrepid Museum at Pier 86. They stood in line in the hot sun for about an hour. He bought two tickets. They took the elevator to the flight deck. Airplanes and helicopters were on view. They went into the Space Shuttle Pavilion. "The Enterprise is huge, Daddy!" said Paul. "But it always looks so small on TV." His dad took pictures of Paul and the Enterprise. They went to the other decks of the ship. There were many things to see and do. They toured the Growler submarine. They walked around the Concorde supersonic passenger plane. They took home brochures and memories. "What did you like best?" Mom asked Paul. He said, "The roller coaster ride in the simulator was the best. We wore 4‐D glasses, and all my coins fell out of my pockets. It was better than the Cyclone at Coney Island!" 3.2


331. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.