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Talking Dictionary330. No More Standing In Line


330. She hated standing in lines. Lines at the post office. Lines at the drugstore. Lines at the supermarket. The line world needed an app. She had one in mind. She called it Endline. The app was an avatar. The avatar had her credit card information. It stood in line for her. When it got to the front of the line, it paid her bill. She described her app to her friend. He was a computer programmer. He said, "First of all, avatars are only in movies and online. It'll be years before they're part of everyday life. An avatar can hold your place in line. It can pay using your credit card info. But it can't carry your packages. If you're in line at the supermarket, it can't push the cart. What are you going to do about that?" She said, "No problem. Just wait till version 2.0 comes out." 2.8


330. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.