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Talking Dictionary329. The Gay Pride Parade


329. Street vendors were selling rainbow flags. People were wearing rainbow shirts. Women had rainbow hair. Manhattan was Rainbow City for a day. The Gay Pride parade started just north of the Empire State Building. Music blasted from floats. Participants waved from the floats. Spectators jammed the sidewalks. Big signs were on the floats. One said Don't hide your pride. Another said One world, one love, let's share it. Another said Love yourself. Another said The Episcopal Church welcomes you. A shirtless young man was wearing tight pink shorts. He had glitter on his face. Big fairy wings extended above his shoulders. "Today and Halloween are the best days of the year," he said to a reporter. The reporter asked why. "Because they're the only two days I get to wear this outfit! The rest of the year, people don't appreciate my fairy wings and pink shorts. They call me names!" 3.6


329. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.