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Talking Dictionary327. Monkey Business


327. Ned and Jan worked for the Bronx Zoo. They were monkey experts. Elmer was one of twelve monkeys. He didn't socialize much. Ned and Jan tried occasionally to get Elmer to mate, but he firmly resisted those efforts. "Maybe he wants prettier females," joked Ned. Jan said, "Maybe females don't interest him." What did interest Elmer was the TV in the monkey cave. Elmer loved to watch Sesame Street. He not only watched, but he listened. "I think he actually understands the show," said Jan. Ned said, "I think he likes Miss Piggy." One day Jan saw Elmer holding a stick. It looked like he was drawing something in the sand. He finished. She went over to see what he had drawn. Maybe it's a banana, she thought. When she arrived at where he had been drawing, she didn't see a banana. She saw the words, "I don't belong here." 3.1


327. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.