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Talking Dictionary326. Golf Isn't Her Bag


326. He was trying to get his soccer‐playing daughter to take up golf. "Golf is a good way to meet boys," he said. She said, "Meet boys? I've already met too many boys. Both of my idiot brothers are boys. Half of my classmates are idiot boys." He said, "Be nice. Don't call your brothers idiots. Believe me, you'll change your mind about boys when you get older. And then you'll thank me for introducing you to golf. But until then, you can learn a lot from golf. Golf will teach you valuable people skills. It will teach you honesty and courtesy. It will teach you perseverance and confidence." She said, "But Daddy, I don't need to go to a golf course to learn that. I already learned it at home from you and Mom. Besides, soccer is a lot more fun, and there are no boys in our soccer league." 2.8


326. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.