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Talking Dictionary325. Do You See Me!?


325. Ivan was standing at the drugstore counter. Something struck his leg. It was one of the store's small plastic carts. It was empty. Someone had pushed it toward the counter. He was walking downstairs into the subway station. Three teenage girls were walking upstairs. He moved over to the far right side of the stairwell. One teen bumped into him. She kept talking to her friends. He was nearing a turnstile from the left. From the right, a businessman held his briefcase high as he stormed past Ivan. Ivan was riding the narrow escalator down to the platform. A skinny woman wedged her way past him. He sat down at the end of the subway bench. A man approached from Ivan's right. A big canvas bag hung on his side. He walked straight toward Ivan. At the last second, he veered to his left. The bag scraped across Ivan's shoulder. 3.1


325. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.