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Talking Dictionary322. No Time For Tears


322. Grandma heard sobbing. She knocked on Nellie's bedroom door. "Can I come in, honey?" Grandma asked. Nellie said yes. Grandma saw Nellie's wet eyes. She saw tears on her cheeks. She gave Nellie some tissues. Nellie dried her eyes and blew her nose—Honk! "What's the matter, honey?" asked Grandma. Nellie said, "The junior prom's in one week. Nobody has asked me to go to it. I'm such a plain Jane. I'll never be pretty. I'll never be popular. No boy will ever date me. I'll never get married. I'm going to die an old maid!" Nellie started sobbing again. Grandma hugged Nellie. She said, "Honey, you're very pretty in your own special way. Don't be jealous of others. That's a waste of your time. Find something you love doing, and become good at it. Your passion for that will make you an attractive and happy woman. Now, chin up!" 2.4


322. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.