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Talking Dictionary316. Communicate Well To Succeed


316. The one‐day seminar was in the Hotel Martinique on 32nd Street. Cristie, the presenter, said that people who communicate well are the stars of an organization. They make people want to belong to a team. They infect everyone with their enthusiasm. They are people‐friendly. Emily raised her hand. She said, "I've had three different jobs. How is it that my manager in each job has been a terrible communicator? It seems to me that the secret to becoming a star is to be mean and rude, not to be friendly and supportive. My current boss yells at someone almost every day, usually in front of others. My coworker went to the bathroom crying yesterday." Others nodded their heads. Cristie said, "Yes, some organizations are like that. All they communicate is fear. There's not much you can do when your boss is a jerk. Either hang in there, or move on." 5.6


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