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Talking Dictionary314. The Wrong Web Site


314. Connie works in real estate in Manhattan. Her listings were on Craigslist and other web sites. One day she decided to consolidate all her listings onto one site. That site was Naked Apartments. She called one of her new clients. She said, "Please visit my new site. It's called Naked Apartments dot com." Her client visited the site. He called Connie back. He said, "That site's not functioning. It's still Under Development. Even worse, it's a sex web site. It's for people who want a rent‐free apartment. All they have to do is let Internet cameras spy on them 24/7." Connie said, "What?! That's impossible. I've got 100 listings on that site. It's a real estate site. Are you sure you went to Naked Apartments dot com?" He said, "Did you say Apartments or Apartment?" She said, "Apartments with an S." He said, "Oops. I went to the wrong site." 3.0


314. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.