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Talking Dictionary313. A Manager Without Manners


313. Horace was alone in the gym on the top floor of his apartment building. He was facing an open doorway. From out of nowhere, a man suddenly brushed past Horace. Even though there was plenty of room, the man missed hitting Horace by an inch. The man went through the open doorway. Horace followed him. The man started walking up a flight of stairs. He saw Horace. He stopped climbing the stairs. He yelled, "Who are YOU?" Horace yelled back, "Who are YOU?" The man said, "I'm the manager of this building." Horace said, "You are? You almost ran over me in the gym. You didn't bother to say 'pardon me.' And now you're yelling at me. Being the manager doesn't give you the right to be rude." The man didn't say anything. He walked up to the door at the top of the stairs. He opened it and disappeared. 2.4


313. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.