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Talking Dictionary312. The Subway Push


312. Sally and Gene were running late. It was a hot summer evening. It was even hotter in the underground subway station. Finally, the train arrived. It was crowded. The doors opened. Nobody exited. Sally tried to get inside. But a woman was standing near the doorway. She didn't want to yield her place near the doorway. Sally tried to squeeze by. The woman wouldn't budge. Sally finally got into the car. Gene followed. The doors closed, and the train took off. The woman yelled past Gene at Sally, "The word is Excuse Me! Do you hear me?" Sally ignored her. She and Gene got off at 86th Street. "What happened in there? Why was she mad at you?" Gene asked. Sally said, "She wouldn't let me by. So I gave her a firm push." He said, "You can't push people." She said, "I know, but I did. She deserved it." 1.7


312. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.