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Talking Dictionary311. A Grumpy DMV Clerk


311. He went to DMV at 8:30 a.m. to renew his learner permit. He stood in line. He received ticket B211. How can the number be so high the first thing in the morning, he wondered. He sat on a bench and looked at the electronic board. It said A345, B208, C601. He watched and waited for the numbers to change. About 15 minutes later, his number appeared. He went to counter 25. He said hello to the DMV clerk. The woman ignored him. Figuring she hadn't heard him say hello, he said, "How are you today?" She ignored him. She examined his application form. She said, "$22.50." He put $22 on the counter. She said, "I SAID $22.50." He put 50 cents on the counter. She gave him his interim permit. He left DMV. I'd hate to see how nasty she is at the END of the day, he thought. 3.8


311. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.