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Talking Dictionary310. Bad Breath, Dandruff, And Acne nyc_310s


310. The two friends were talking. Jon said, "At dinner last night, your breath was killing everyone. Did you see Joe slide his chair away from the table when you talked? He told me he was never going to sit at the same table with you again." Brad said, "What can I do about it? Should I be chugging mouthwash between bites? I know I've got bad breath. I've seen a dozen dentists and bought ten dozen breath products. Nothing seems to work for me. It's like you and your dandruff. You've seen lots of doctors and used lots of shampoos, and nothing's worked. And who's Joe to talk? He's good for a fresh zit almost every day. How pleasant is that to look at during dinner? We're all cursed in one way or another." Jon said, "But we're all blessed compared to Bill—he's got bad breath, dandruff, AND acne!" 2.6


310. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.