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Talking Dictionary308. The End Of Graffiti?


308. He was riding the LIRR to Oyster Bay. He saw beautiful scenery everywhere. But he also saw graffiti everywhere. There must be a way to stop graffiti, he thought. He did some research. He developed a design for a graffiti‐buster. He presented it to a spray paint can maker. The maker was impressed. He said, "I'll put my staff to work on it." A year later, the graffiti‐buster made its debut. The can contains a camera and computer chip. The camera is one with the nozzle. If a user tries to destroy the camera, he destroys the nozzle. When the software determines that the user is producing graffiti, the can explodes. The back of the can is weaker than the front. Black dye splatters onto the face of the user. The dye fades after about three years. The dye contains fortified skunk scent. The scent fades after about a year. 4.7


308. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.