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Talking Dictionary307. The Cable Guy


307. Sometimes Jeff's TV screen turned black. Sometimes the picture froze. He called his cable company. The representative gave Jeff a Sunday appointment. Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. Jeff opened his apartment door. It was the cable technician. The tech didn't say hello. He didn't introduce himself. Jeff saw a name printed on the tech's shirt. It said Sam Hall. Sam asked what the problem was. Jeff told him. Sam said, "Show me." Jeff said, "I'll show you the door if you aren't more polite." The tech said, "Show me, please." Jeff said, "Show you what? The problem comes and goes." The tech walked over to the TV. He checked the cable box connection. He checked the connection coming into the apartment. He found the problem. He fixed the problem. Just before he left, he told Jeff, "I need to wash my hands." Jeff said, "There's a Starbucks on the corner." 2.4


307. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.