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Talking Dictionary306. Meet New People On The Subway


306. Patrick got on the R train. It was crowded. He saw a space to sit. It was next to a well‐dressed, older woman. He squeezed in on her left. He started reading his magazine. She started digging in her left ear. She finished digging. She rolled something around between her finger and her thumb. He tried not to watch. Her finger went back to her ear. She dug some more. She rubbed her finger and thumb together again. He couldn't believe it. Was she going to do this all the way to Bay Ridge? Did she think she was at home in her bathroom? She got off at the next stop. Patrick felt much better—for an instant. A huge fat man squeezed himself into the just‐vacated space. The man made loud noises as he breathed through his mouth. Twice, he coughed loudly. Patrick changed cars at the next stop. 1.7


306. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.