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Talking Dictionary302. Flower Shop Fails To Deliver


302. She liked a certain plant in the Manhattan flower shop. The clerk said it was $400. She said, "I want this delivered to a restaurant. Today is its grand opening. But I must be there before the plant arrives. So, can you call me at work when it leaves your shop? That way, I'll have enough time to get from my office to the restaurant before the plant arrives." He said, "Certainly. The delivery truck will make its last run about 3:30. But I'll be sure to call you the minute the driver leaves." She said, "Thank you. You have no idea how important that phone call is." At 3:30, she called the shop. "Is the driver about to leave?" she asked. The clerk said, "He left about 15 minutes ago." She said, "What? You were going to call me!" He said, "I'm sorry. I've been tied up with customers." 3.1


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