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Talking Dictionary294. Regret The Action Not Taken


294. Robin did not buy Google when it went public. He had $20,000 in savings. But he was afraid. He didn't want to risk all his savings. Google's stock price almost tripled in the first year. Robin's $20,000 investment would have been worth almost $60,000. He has regretted his failure to invest ever since. Today, Google's stock price is more than five times the original price. Robin's $20,000 investment would be worth $100,000. He kicks himself for not investing. But he learned something. It's better to act than not act. Stock is like a pretty girl. If you like what you see, ask her out. If you don't ask, you might spend years wondering "what if." So, when Facebook went public, Robin invested all his savings. He was not going to repeat his Google mistake. Facebook's stock went south. But Robin doesn't regret his decision. At least he pulled the trigger. 5.4


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