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Talking Dictionary293. Twin Towers Or Freedom Tower?


293. In 2013 they will finish building One World Trade Center. It's also known as the Freedom Tower. It will be the tallest building in Manhattan. "Tall, schmall," said Hal. "Ten years to build it. They built BOTH Twin Towers in just seven years. Those were beautiful buildings." Cheryl said, "Beautiful? Are you kidding? They were two tall rectangles. What's so beautiful about rectangles?" Hal said, "They were more than just rectangles. They had inner beauty. They were the heart of our city. Almost every film made in the city featured the towers. I miss them. Why didn't they just rebuild them? That would have shown the terrorists. They couldn't say, 'Look! We destroyed the Twin Towers.' Everyone would say, 'Excuse me. I still see the Twin Towers. You didn't destroy anything.'" Cheryl said, "Well, they destroyed thousands of people and their loving families." Hal said, "Yes. That can't be rebuilt." 3.1


293. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.