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Talking Dictionary292. The World's Greatest Doctor


292. There was a huge dinner at the United Nations. The dinner honored Dr. Marco Marx. He was named the World's Greatest Doctor. The President of the United States presented him the award. "Why did he get that award?" asked Luke. Nancy said, "You don't know? He found a cure for heart disease. He found a cure for cancer. He found a cure for strokes. He found a cure for tuberculosis. He found a cure for malaria. He's trying to find a cure for diabetes. Millions of people are alive because of his work. He deserves hundreds of awards. But he doesn't want them. Award dinners interrupt his work. He works 16 hours a day trying to find cures." Luke said, "Well, he's forgetting mankind's number one problem. He should be trying to find a cure for baldness." Nancy said, "Baldness doesn't kill anyone." Luke said, "It's killing my love life." 3.0


292. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.