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Talking Dictionary291. It's Not The Express Elevator


291. Nora walked from her tenth‐floor apartment to the elevator bank. The building had six elevators. She pushed the Down elevator button. She waited. The bell rang and a red light lit up. She casually walked over to the farthest elevator. But the door was already closing. She had to stick her arm into the gap. The door reopened. She got into the elevator. Since when does the door close so quickly, she wondered. An old woman was in the elevator. She quickly pushed the Close Door button. Nora realized what had happened. The old woman was in a hurry. She had pushed the Close Door button on the tenth floor. That's why the door had closed so quickly. Nora was annoyed. She pushed the button for floor seven. Just before the door opened, Nora pushed all the buttons for floors six through two. Nora got out at the seventh floor. 3.5


291. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.