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Talking Dictionary290. Two Loud Escalator Riders


290. Mickey got on the narrow wooden escalator at Macy's. He was going down. An old lady was on the step in front of him. A man and woman got on the steps right behind Mickey. The man started talking loudly. Mickey turned around to look at him. He didn't notice Mickey's glare. Mickey put up with the loud talking for two flights. At the sixth floor landing, he stood aside. He let the couple pass by. He got on the escalator step directly behind them. He pulled out his cell phone. He started talking loudly to nobody. They both looked at him. He ignored them. He continued talking loudly about nothing to nobody. The man stopped talking. The couple stood aside at the next landing. Mickey got on the escalator. Still talking, he turned around to see where they were. They were still on the landing, watching him go down. 3.3


290. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.