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Talking Dictionary289. A Way With Oranges


289. He peeled the orange. He separated all the sections. He put them on a plate. He took them to his wife. She took a bite. "This orange is no good," she said. "There's no juice! Where's the juice?" He said, "Well, not all oranges are juicy, honey. Oranges are just like people. Some are beautiful, and some are ugly. That's an ugly orange. I'll get you another one." She said, "No, you eat this one. Then you'll appreciate how 'ugly' it is." He said, "No, I'll take your word for it." She said, "No, if you eat it, you'll remember it. Then you'll be more careful about selecting them." He said, "Selecting them? What's to select? An orange is an orange. They all look the same." She said, "No, they're not. They look the same, but they don't weigh the same. Compare them. The heavier ones are the juicier ones." 1.8


289. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.