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Talking Dictionary285. Good Steak, Bad Seat


285. Few diners were in the steak restaurant. Jody saw two tables that he liked. "My friends and I are eating here Sunday. Which of these tables gets less foot traffic?" he asked a worker. She said, "That cabinet behind table 81 contains all the dishes and glasses. Table 73 is much quieter." Sunday, Jody and three friends went to the restaurant. Eight diners were at nearby table 74. Four diners were at nearby table 72. A diner's purse sat on the floor beside table 74. Throughout dinner, the waiter and busboys edged their way past her purse. Throughout dinner, Jody felt one worker after another brush past his chair. He couldn't move his chair, or the table, out of the workers' way. Table 81 and tables near it were empty. Jody never saw one worker visit the cabinet. "How was everything tonight?" the waiter asked after dinner. "Fine," Jody lied. 5.2


285. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.