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Talking Dictionary280. Eye Drops For Itchy Eyes


280. In early spring, her eyes got itchy. He bought eye drops for her. He bought antihistamines for her. She took the antihistamines. They helped, but not completely. She didn't take the eye drops. "Why don't you try the drops?" he asked. She said she hated eye drops. He said, "But it takes only a few seconds to put drops in your eyes. The itching continues all day. Would you rather suffer all day, or for just a few seconds?" She said, "Of course I'd rather suffer for just a few seconds. But not if it involves eye drops. I hate them!" He asked, "But why? Did something bad happen the last time you used them?" She said, "No, nothing bad ever happened, because I've never used them!" He asked, "Well, how do you know you hate them if you've never used them?" She said, "Because I just know, that's how!" 2.1


280. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.