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Talking Dictionary275. Ride With The Traffic


275. The woman yelled at him. "You're going the wrong way!" she yelled. "Why don't you obey the rules?" She was pretty. He stopped. He got off his bike. He said, "I was just trying to save time." She said, "Well, you won't be saving time if you injure someone. In fact, a collision might injure you too. A collision might damage your bike. The police might question you. You might end up in the hospital. You might spend days in the hospital. Your bike might end up in a repair shop. The victim might sue you. You might end up in court. You might spend days in court. All of these things will take time. A lot of time. They will cost money too. They might cost you an arm and a leg. Bike accidents happen daily in Manhattan. Do you want to be next?" He asked, "Are you single?" 1.0


275. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.