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Talking Dictionary274. Use Money To Make Money


274. Gus was a wealthy man. He owned corporations, buildings, ships, and planes. He owned land and three islands. He had two children, both sons. He loved Sam. He tolerated Earl. Earl was a lazy worker. Sam was a hard worker. Gus did not want to split his fortune equally with his sons. He decided to will Sam 90 percent and Earl 10 percent of his fortune. When Gus finally died, he was worth $100 billion. Sam got 90 percent of Gus's fortune. Earl got 10 percent. Earl was upset. "This isn't fair," he told his brother. "We're both his sons. Why should you get so much, and I so little?" Sam said, "So little? You have $10 billion in cash and assets. Most people would love to be in your shoes. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you want $90 billion, use your cash, assets, and brains to make it." 2.8


274. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.