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Talking Dictionary272. A Free New Testament


272. Matt was walking on the sidewalk next to Bryant Park. A woman stopped him. "Would you like a free book?" she asked. Matt asked, "What kind of book?" It was the New Testament. Matt asked, "Do I have to give you a donation?" She said no. He said, "I'm not very religious." She said, "That's okay. All we hope is that you read the book. Maybe it will help you." Matt asked, "Do I look like I need help?" She said, "We all need help, don't we? You're a lucky man if you don't need help." Matt said, "Well, I do need help. But I don't think I'll find help in that book." She said, "You'll never know if you don't read it." Matt took the book. She asked, "Would you like me to pray for you?" That's creepy, Matt thought. He said, "No, thanks. I can pray for myself." 0.2


272. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.