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Talking Dictionary271. Dirty Menu, Dirty Glasses


271. The restaurant was on West 31st Street. They sat down at an outside table. They hadn't eaten there before. A waiter came. He brought two menus. He left. They looked at the menus. Scott saw dried‐out food on his menu. He frowned. The waiter returned with two glasses of water. His fingers were on the rims of both glasses. He left. Scott said, "Did you see that? His fingers were all over the glasses. Look. I can see his fingerprints." Mary said, "Ask the waiter to bring us two more glasses." Scott said, "But he'll ask why." She said, "Tell him the water tastes bad." He said, "But he'll bring us more of the same water!" She said, "Tell him to bring us bottled water." He said, "I'm not paying for bottled water. Water is free in New York." She said, "You're unbelievable. Tell him to bring us two straws." 1.6


271. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.