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Talking Dictionary270. Dial BR For Bank Robbery


270. Two bank robbers were talking. "You know," said Jesse, "we used to write, 'This is a stickup' on a piece of paper. Then the bank teller gave us the money. But times have changed. We should use modern technology. For our next job, you give the teller your cell phone. I'll be on the other end of the line. I'll tell the teller it's a stickup. You don't have to say nothing." A week later, Clyde walked into a Brooklyn bank. He wore a hoodie. He handed his phone to the teller. Jesse told the teller, "This is a stickup." The teller gave Clyde bags of money. Clyde walked out of the bank. He got into Jesse's car. Jesse drove off. "We did it! We're now the original cell phone bank robbers," Jesse said. He laughed. Frowning, Clyde said, "Uh, I forgot my cell phone." Seconds later, Jesse's phone rang. 1.7


270. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.